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If you've been following the soap opera saga of British royalty Harry and Meghan, you know they generated some explosive content. Apparently, they were surprised at the reaction of their many readers and listeners.  Most business owners don't share worldwide fame, but many have amassed a large following of admirers.

Any business owner - or anyone who shares a story - can get reactions they totally didn't expect when they planned the communication. One way I work with clients is to plan stories so you won't deliver surprises and get unexpected reactions to your best stories.

In this episode, I share 3 ways you risk getting an unexpected surprise from your story. You'll also discover simple steps you can take to avoid these reactions, while you still get your point across.

The story archetype framework can help you create a consistent message for your small business when the brand is YOU. You can download a free guide to the story archetypes.

Your download includes a short quiz to help you identify your own story archetype. You can begin using it immediately!


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