Show Notes

Your client says, "I don't want to work with you anymore."

Or they disappear.

What can you do? 

You can try to find out why they've left. Usually, that's a lost cause. Some clients don't know why they left. Some don't want to hurt your feelings. Some fear confrontation.

Your client has a story. You just don't know - and you may never know - what it is.

Even worse, they won't answer questions like, "How can I make things better?" Why should they? That's work. Hire your own coach or hold a focus group.

This podcast explores the similarity between personal and business breakups, especially when you're ghosting. 

The truth is, breaking up and being ghosted may be just what you need for your business. 

Starting at 9:25 you'll get 3 very specific ways to deal with a business breakup - especially what to do before it happens so you minimize the damage.

Free report: What motivates your client? Three keys to finding their story.

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