Show Notes

You've got a great story for business...and you're ready to write "The End." But it's rarely a good idea to end your business story this way. When you're writing a story to sell,  you'll get more results with a story that ends with the client's transformation.

In this podcast episode, we'll talk about how to show your client reached a transformation. You'll discover ... how to tailor the transformation to be meaningful to the clients you're trying to attract; ...why it's important to frame the story as a "to" rather than a "from;" ...some examples of selling stories from other service-based business owners.

Resources mentioned: Self-paced video course on how to tell a story that's designed to sell Udemy course on storytelling that explains why CInderella doesn't make a good business storyThe Ebook Grow Your Business One Story At A Time:  Click here.

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