Show Notes

“There’s a gap between what I know they need and what they think they need.”

As a service-based business, you probably recognize this problem. 

For instance, you know your clients mostly need to build their confidence. They need to jump in and take action. 

But when they come to you, they say, “I don’t have the right technology.” Or “I need to learn copywriting.”

That's the topic of this episode, where I interview Shawn Fink. 

Shawn has a unique positioning strategy. She focuses on coaching her clients to find the courage and clarity to make significant life changes.

Shawn's business explains exactly why we need to respond to the client's backstory. Clients rarely know just what they need or even what they want. The coaching process begins with the backstory but then morphs in surprising directions.

Clients rarely arrive with the statement, “I know what I want and how to get there. I need the courage to move forward.” 

Shawn’s marketing has to integrate her unique offer with the client’s backstory. 

We first learn a little about Shawn's coaching goals and the beliefs that underlie her work with clients. Next, we take a closer look at the client's backstory. We talk about why you need to separate the client's perspective from the offer when you plan your marketing.

Some highlights: 

6:04 – Clients face a choice when the next step seems scary: uplevel or pivot. 

11:34 – Begin a discussion of the client's backstory.

18:50 – From backstory to marketing story

21:40 – Dealing with the different backstories: each is unique but you can find a common thread that drives your marketing.

27:16 -  Generic tips on "being brave"  to leave with our listeners

29:12 – Shawn rejects the common advice to feel the fear and do it anyway. It's BS, she says...and here's what to do instead. 

34:94 - Don't miss the thoughts Shawn wants to leave with out listeners.

Resources: http://ShawnFink.com 

http://CathyGoodwin.com/baggage - Learn more about backstories and the 3 steps we covered. 



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