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Business decisions and career decisions will be influenced by the way you tell a story. When you tell an old story because "everyone knows this" you make choices with less successful outcomes. 

In this episode, we review the retirement story as an example.

Many (maybe most) people make career and business decisions in the context of a retirement story. It's the story they've heard all their working lives. 

In this episode we review two of the most common retirement stories: "I have to wait till I retire" and, "If you retire you must be old." 

When you question these traditional stories you can choose to build your business with a new story. You find that when you replace the word "retirement" with "transition," you find many new possibilities. 

Most importantly, your business looks different. You'll hear examples of successful business owners who shifted the direction of their business as they changed their retirement story. 

1:06 - the traditional story and why it doesn’t work 

1:40 -why that story creates problems and negative experience

2:50 - creating a vision board

3:06 - 2 ways the story gets told - and what’s wrong with each one

4:55 - why saying “transition” instead of “retirement” leads to a new story

5:45 - why “I have to wait till retirement” is a story and what to do instead

8:00 - how your story affects your decisions

8:40 — what you can do if you’re not sure what to do next

9:40 - Story of Olga Kotelko who became a track-and-field star at age 77

10:25 - Recap of 2 stories 

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