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Business storytelling is just one more tool in your marketing bag. But sometimes it's harder to be objective about storytelling decisions than about other business decisions, such as whether to attend a networking event or how to price your new offer.

In this episode, we explore a common challenge among business owners. You have a story you REALLY like. You're eager to share it. 

Someone advises, "Maybe that's not the best story for your business right now."

You resist. After all, you're really attached to this story. 

And that may be a sign you shouldn't tell the story. We see a similar phenomenon among writers who get attached to phrases, metaphors and, yes, stories. It can be hard to let go...and yet that's exactly when you should.

In this episode I suggest 3 questions you can ask to decide if this story is really so perfect you shouldn't resist...and when it's time to realize you're too close and too attached.

References and resources:

Natalie Goldberg's books (they've been around and are worth discovering): Writing Down the Bones Thunder and Lightning (she talks about the chicken story here)

Self-paced video course on Persuasive Storytelling (specially priced - no coupon needed) 

Strategic Intensive to choose your story.

FREE: 3 Surprising Ways A Copywriter Can Grow Your Business - Ebook to download.



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