Show Notes

You know you need a change. A new direction in business...maybe a whole new business. A new career. A major move from corporate to entrepreneurship.

You might be changing because well, it's time! Or you might be facing pressures from yourself or your market. You change. Your market changes. You're facing west and they're heading east, or vice versa.

I've gone through many transitions myself, and coached others through theirs. It's rarely smooth or easy. These three stories keep coming up:

Crawling when you need to run Flying when you need to take the bus Going native when you signed on to be a tourist

In this episode you'll gain an understanding of each story, with lots of examples.  Most people identify with one story. Mine is, I tend to jump right into something instead of moving more slowly.

I've had quite a few clients who got hooked on their "temporary" career and couldn't go past it...they went native.

If you'd like to explore further these transitions, the Strategic Intensive is the best place to start. It's more than a consult: we get into action and help you move quickly.

 I also have an audio program where I interviewed 12 business owners on their transition from side hustle to success. They tell it like it is! Click here to learn more - and you can grab it at a special price for now. 

And if you found this episode helpful, you may know someone who's in a transition and could benefit from these ideas. I'd be especially grateful if you'd leave a rating and a review on Apple (preferably) or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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