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If you’re marketing online, you probably know, “The money is in the list.” 

To grow your list in today’s market, you almost always need to offer your prospective clients something of value such as an ebook, a recording, or an invitation to a webinar or workshop. This offering is known as a lead magnet (sometimes also called a “freebie” or “free giveaway”).

Your lead magnet has two purposes: to attract prospects to sign up and also to screen prospects so you get a list of qualified leads. 

On Strategic Storytelling Podcast Episode #107, you'll discover...

…how to tell if your business requires a lead magnet

…when to start writing your lead magnet

… what to do before you start writing your lead magnet

… how to avoid the most common mistakes in positioning your lead magnet

…what kinds of stories to use in a lead magnet.


My podcast on stages of awareness (essential for choosing your topic)

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Copywriting Review - Get a detailed review of your lead magnet and website with steps and suggestions.

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