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It’s not a secret that potential clients get nervous before they decide to hire you. They know they’re taking a risk, especially if you’re a small business and they aren’t coming from a referral.

They’re looking for reasons to trust you. Ideally, they’d find social proof - several warm, obviously genuine, signed testimonials from previous clients.

But you can’t always get those testimonials. Sometimes you’re too new. Sometimes you provide a service where clients don’t want to identify themselves. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a first name and a city.

You understand. Some services are sensitive and so are some people.

How else can you communicate your knowledge, experience, and approachability?

Good news: you can build trust and build relationships by the way you create your content.

 It’s not about the words. It’s in the stories you tell, the way you describe your services, and the context of your presentation. 

In this Strategic Storytelling podcast episode #108, you'll discover how to create content to demonstrate you've got the goods: you know your stuff and you deliver what you promise. You'll learn how to prove yourself to clients, even if you can't get signed testimonials as social proof.


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