Show Notes

Here's something I see often. You're trying to explain a service to your clients. They don't get it.

So...you tell them more about you. Your "why." Your origin story.

And you tell them more about your process. What are the steps. What's the intake process.

And they're still not clear on your offer.

our solutions may not have existed last year...or you may have created a solution that nobody else offers.

Sometimes I've seen clients make it even harder for clients to figure out what they do. If you create a title like, "Business Activity Specialist," or promise to "make chaos disappear," your audience has no clue.

The way to explain your services is to use 2 kinds of stories.  I go into detail - with examples - in Podcast Episode #109 of the Strategic Storytelling Podcast. It's short and direct, with lots of examples...and I'd love to know what you think.


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