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It's happened to every consultant or coach. 

A client shows up, enthusiastic and ready to rock and roll.

But then they stop cold. They realize they're not Cinderella and you're not the fairy godmother. You won't just wave a wand. They have to contribute to the work. 

Even if they've paid you, you're frustrated. You succeed when your client succeeds. No ethical professional wants to deal with a roster of clients who started and then stalled partway through. 

With a service business, the relationship works in two ways. The client chooses you. You choose the client.

Compare this version to the traditional hero's journey. 

The hero gets into big trouble. There's no way the hero can do anything to improve the situation.  

The guide appears spontaneously. 

Think of Cinderella and the fairy godmother. Cinderella didn't interview fairy godmothers and choose the best one.

Nor did the godmother choose Cinderella, who was hardly the ideal client. Leave the ball by midnight? No thanks. She's taking her chances.

Unlike Cinderella's godmother, you have to screen your clients. You don't want to end up with a client who will hire you, not do the work, and then tell the world you're an incompetent consultant. 

A true selling story will help you craft your story so you'll communicate the kinds of clients you want and discourage the rest. 

This episode shows you how to design a story to clarify exactly the kinds of clients you'd like to work with. You'll understand why the process is mutual - the client hires you and you choose your clients.


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