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Content creation is one of the most important activities of a business owner, especially for online marketing. 

As a prolific writer myself, I've found that anyone who writes a lot will sooner or later experience a challenge: how can I find ideas for my next article? 

That article might appear as a blog post or be recorded as a podcast episode.

It's the same problem I had when I was first doing comedy. You write your own material and it's tough.

For comedy, I was advised to "get mad and get even." Something that annoys you can be transformed into knock-it-out-of-the-park material. I give a couple of examples (carefully chosen for a G-rated podcast) in this episode.

It works equally well for business owners, especially if you're an Educator archetype. Role models benefit from sharing personal stories or even personal anecdotes. Educators get clients when they create aha moments that lead to new ways of learning.

Still, all archetypes can use stories to make a point and this method works well when your well of ideas feels very, very dry.

When you read articles by others in your field, you'll usually find some that make you mad. They're sharing ideas that could best be described as "cockamanie" if you want to be polite. Sometimes they're just ridiculous and unusable. Sometimes they leave out a key point, such as promising you'll earn thousands of dollars. from a single article or ebook.

Now you can turn your annoyance into an article, providing useful and often novel information. You've got a great article - even a memorable one. Your listeners gain from the advice. And you're back to being in agood mood. 


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