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There's a lot of confusion about branding for small businesses and solopreneurs. Your brand influences the stories you tell, the promises you make, and even the advice you give your clients.

Cindy Bidar has achieved considerable success in a relatively short time frame. Her brand builds on her story archetype - the Role Model.

Cindy didn't set out to brand with this archetype. Very few people even know this framework exists!

But, like many successful businesses, her marketing consistently reflects this archetype. She shares personal stories to support her promise, "If I can do it, you can do it." Her decision to start her business was based on this principle.

You'll enjoy Cindy's warm, down-to-earth style as we dig into her storytelling decisions and reveal how she uses stories to build her marketing success. 

Some highlights from the episode: 

9:23 - how Cindy decides what to share and what to hold back on

11:48. “That’s my sweet spot!"

13:20 - Ask this question when you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for emailing your list (I've never heard this one before)

14:40 - "Best way to write interesting content? Do interesting things.” 

15:30 - Using Julia Cameron’s “artist date” to refill the well

17:15 Deciding what to discuss and not discuss (the key is business alignment)

18:30 - Common story mistakes in email marketing (based on bad advice)

20:20 - What Cindy teaches that's completely in sync with the role model archetype

21:30 - The heart of Cindy’s message about success…”If I could share just one thing…”

24:30 - When Cindy just got started: what was her guiding principle

30:00 - You don't want to hear, "That's not what I signed up for."

32:00 - The Big Takeaway


Website: CindyBidar.com

Cindy's Membership Site (I'm a member)

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