Show Notes

"Dramatic stories in your emails? Not a good idea!"

That was the advice of a  marketing expert - not me! 

In particular, he said, emails that begin with an edgy dramatic story face two problems.

First, the story can overshadow your informational content. After all, people open your emails to get information and ideas they can use for their lives and their businesses.

Second, and most important, it's hard to relate to someone who comes with such a strong story. So the storyteller doesn't build relationships. Readers don't say, "That could be me!"

So...why do these stories seem to work for some business owners? Why do some apparently successful people keep using them?

Whenever you ask the question, "Why does this work for them and not me?" you almost always find an answer when you explore the story archetypes.

==> If you're not familiar with story archetypes, click here to download a free resource to understand the archetypes and find your own.  

Celebrity archetypes promote their personalities by sharing strong stories. Yet even if you're not a celebrity, anyone can learn from the celebrity approach to marketing. 

In this episode, I share five tips for promoting your personality, based on the way celebrity archetypes communicate. 

You'll also come away with a better understanding of why certain stories work for some business owners...but flops for others.


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