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How to communicate your value by telling a story.

Stories make it possible to communicate your value without coming across as boastful, obnoxious or unbelievable.

Your story won’t just explain: your listeners will see themselves in the story and exclaim the words you’re waiting for: “I want what they’re having.”

When your story works, you’ll show how you deliver value. When a story falls flat, it’s often because the storyteller skipped to the ending. Recently I’ve been seeing short overviews that are called “case studies” when they’re not even fully developed stories. The storyteller presents the transformation as a “happily ever after” that was delivered by magic.

In this episode of the Strategic Storytelling podcast, we’re going to show exactly why you lose leads when you share an incomplete story. We’ll walk through two examples to demonstrate how to set up your story for business growth.

You’ve got the information; you just have to add it to your story

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What’s missing from a lot of stories you see in email campaigns

  • Why you need to show your role as “the guide” to be credible 

  • How to present a hero who will make your story more relatable 

  • Pitfalls of stories that leave out key details

Resources: The Strategic Intensive Consultation Ingredients of a Persuasive Story (video self-paced course)

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