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When you introduce yourself as a business owner, do you give yourself a title? Or do you jump right in to explain how you serve clients?

Many coaches tell you to skip the title. No need to identify yourself, they say. Clients don't care what you call yourself. They just want to know how you help.

Sounds good, doesn't it?

The truth is, the people sharing this advice most likely established their businesses many years ago. They need no introduction.

When you're introducing yourself on a podcast or attending a networking event, or even writing your About Page, the brand is YOU. You introduce yourself as The Company.

In classic hero’s journey stories the guide just appears. Cinderella’s godmother doesn’t have to explain why she’s there.

She doesn’t have to point out, “I can give you access to the ball. I’ll give you a gown, slippers and a stagecoach. But making small talk with royalty? Dancing gracefully at the ball? Making sure you’ve got all your possessions when you leave? Nope, that’s another type of coach. I’m in the image creation business.”

You, on the other hand, aren’t the only game in town. You’re competing with a handful of other professionals. 

Now let’s say you’re at a networking event. Or you’re a podcast guest. How will you be introduced?

To answer this question and add clarity to your stories, you need to know some basic psychological principles. You'll learn why and how to explain your identity. 

You'll also learn the 3-part introduction that helps you explain clearly who you are and how you help clients. 


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