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You’re a service-based business and the brand is YOU. So how will you keep growing your business while you’re taking some downtime?

For many of us, holidays mean vacation and downtime. We travel. We join family and friends.  You’ll attend special seasonal networking events. 

As a marketer for entrepreneurs, I see this time as an opportunity to make new and exciting connections. The least likely person will offer you a window of opportunity.

If you are a business owner, of course, you take your business with you. As a solopreneur, you ARE the business!

So when people ask, "What do you do?" What can you share with them that will explain what you do, so this will be the beginning of something new?

Often they’re completely clueless about your world. They may think you’ve completely lost your mind. They may wonder, “Why on earth would anyone do that? Who would buy from you?” 

That’s when you really, really need a good story. In this podcast, you’ll get ideas for developing what we call a concept story, with examples.

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