Show Notes

“Should I tell this story? I don’t feel comfortable sharing.”


“I *really* feel I should tell this story, even if it makes me uncomfortable."  

If you’re like many of my clients, these questions arise when you’re wondering about sharing a story, especially a personal story. You feel deeply about the topic but you wonder if it’s a good idea to put it out there for all the world to see.  

You have doubts:

  • What if the story backfires and makes you look like an idiot? 
  • What if the story turns away potential clients who feel that’s TMI? 
  • Maybe there’s a better story…but now you wonder if that one’s good, too.

Recently I’ve heard expert marketers - people I respect - encourage others to follow their enthusiasm.

If you’re excited, there’s probably a good reason. Don’t let the idea die!  

But others will tell you to slow down. Do the research. Get feedback from colleagues you trust or mentors who will be honest with you.

The truth is, either scenario could be a win for you. You’re being guided by your intuition, which can speak to you in many ways. 

For some business owners, being hesitant to share that story is a big “GO” signal. They tend to resist good things.

For others, being enthusiastic is a “STOP” signal. (I’m one of those!) They tend to jump into something and later wish they hadn’t.

On this episode of the Strategic Storytelling podcast, I’ll give you a new way to think about your decision to share a story…or not. 


What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • what is intuition (it’s not as trendy as it was a few years ago) 
  • how to use your intuition to sort out good vs bad advice
  • how to recognize whether that “YES” or “NO” comes from your intuition (or is a false warning that you should ignore)
  • why you’ll see business owners win with outrageous stories (and realize why you need to find your own style)


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