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This week's episode is an encore presentation. It's designed to introduce new audience members to a podcast they may have missed. And it's one of my favorites!

We rarely associate"productivity" with "storytelling."

But content creation is the biggest driver - and the greatest challenge - of online marketing. Storytelling helps you create more high-converting marketing content more quickly.  Using your story archetypes helps you know what stories to tell to support your brand. 

Learn how storytelling helps small business marketing (especially for solopreneurs) with creating content, branding, and targeting, with examples and how-tos. You'll see why we no longer think of storytelling as right-brained and productivity as left-brained: they work together to support your marketing strategy. 

You will learn...

...how to use stories to develop and build your brand (and why this method makes you a better marketer)

...what is a client's backstory and why their backstory should be your target (not their demographic)

...how to create more content faster by using stories to set up your structure.  

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