Show Notes

In your business story, you're the guide and your client is the hero.

In traditional stories, the guide just appeared to save the hero's life, money, or dream. Cinderella's godmother showed up spontaneously; Luke Skywalker finds one Yoda.

There's a hidden step to your own business hero story. In this episode, you'll learn about the 7 steps in Donald Miller's Storybrand framework, based on my interpretation of his deservedly popular book. We apply the steps to a fairy tale hero - Cinderella - and a contemporary business client.

We'll have some fun imagining Cinderella's godmother promoting herself for the role as she competes against other godmothers. 

The godmother (and you) need to understand the client's backstory. You can download a free guide to help you enter the conversation in the client's mind: http://cathygoodwincom/baggage

Enjoy the episode!   

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