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A content creator named Kaleigh Moore posted on social media: When working to improve yourself: Is it better to do it in a public forum and post about progress along the way, or to internalize it, hunker down, and sort of *sit down, shut up, and DO THE WORK* on your own?

This is a great question It really boils down to, “How will I tell my story?”

In this episode, you'll discover the pros and cons of sharing your story two ways. 

You can drip your story to your audience in real time. Or you can wait till the end and share your story as an accomplishment.

We'll explore the pros and cons of each choice.

Sharing in real-time will be extremely powerful. You attract and hold your audience's attention. On the other hand, each step of the journey becomes a mini-story. You need to build suspense as you continue.

We'll also look at the factors going into your choice: your brand, archetype and service. Sometimes a story will get in the way of your brand.

Finally, I prefer an alternative type of storytelling, which I'll explain at the end. It's extremely effective and creates a memorable listening experience.

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