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Almost every business coach on the planet will advise you to start telling stories. They’ll encourage you to use storytelling for your blog posts, email messages, and just about any content you create.

Deciding to tell a story is the easy part. Choosing a story that will help grow your business is much more difficult. That’s mostly because you get conflicting advice from different mentors. 

“Go ahead and share,” they’ll say. “Feeling uncomfortable? Get over it.”

Even more, your inbox is filled with emails from all kinds of marketers, each beginning with a story. It’s so easy to decide, “I’m going to create a story like theirs.”

Even worse, you can decide, “I have to stay away from storytelling. I could never tell a story like theirs.”

The truth is, business storytellers need a unique approach. You aren’t trying to sell tickets to a movie. You want to sell your products and services. 

The first thing a successful business storyteller does? They don’t think of themselves as storytellers. They’re business owners. They’re marketing strategists. 

In this podcast, I’ll share 3 essential tips to use storytelling to build your brand and your business. We’ll talk about…

…why you need to frame your stories as a business owner first  

…examples of stories that “stick” in a good and bad way (and why that’s critical to your success)

…why some business owners wish they could take back their stories (and you can avoid having this happen to you) 

This is the one podcast I’m recommending for any entrepreneur who’s decided to add storytelling to the marketing mix. It’s delivered in my usual direct style and guaranteed to rub at least several business owners the wrong way. 


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