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If you’re a service based solopreneur, entrepreneur or independent professional, your brand is YOU. Your About Page will be critical to your online success.

And yet, if you’re like most business owners, you’ll tell me the About Page is the most difficult page to write for your website. 

That’s because most people hate to talk about themselves. And business owners are people! It’s easy to feel like you’re boasting. It’s common to wonder, “Will I come across as an obnoxious jerk?”

The truth is, your About Page isn’t about you. 

Your About Page answers the client’s question: Why should I hire you and not someone else? 

You don’t need to share your life story. You probably don’t need to share your company’s mission. But if you do, you need to create a context.

 I’ll show you exactly how to frame your story and avoid the most common mistakes of About Pages.

 What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What “likable” means to a prospective client (it’s not the same as being a good friend)
  • What story really matters when you write your About Page (and it’s not your life story or origin story)
  • Why most websites don’t need a mission statement (and what to write instead)


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