Show Notes

So you've got something to teach people. You're the only one...or one of the few.

But your audience isn't stupid. They know a lot already. Who likes being treated like a child...especially a stupid child? Who likes being treated like a newbie when you're not?   

In this episode of Strategic Storytelling, I'll show you three ways to use stories to get past the barrier. Instead of saying "you should do this," you can tell a story

 There's at least 3 ways to use stories to make your point: as examples, as a step-by-step story, and as a novelistic story you made up. They're all here, with examples.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why being preach-y turns people off (and they stop listening)
  • Three ways to use stories to avoid talking down to people
  • How stories can come from your experience or from a far-away place

 Resources mentioned:

Common mistakes associated with creating a website (a guest post I wrote long ago)

Todd Rose’s book: The End of Average 

Chuck Rylant’s book: How to Be Rich

Relocation Strategy: Dealing with the stress of moving


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