Show Notes

“What niche am I supposed to target?”

That’s always a popular question when I meet a group of fellow business owners. Even if they’re experienced veterans, they wonder, “Did I let some people get away? Am I being too narrow in my focus?”

It’s a familiar struggle…and we keep going back to it. Even though we think we’ve got a niche we want to revisit. Men? Women? Married? Single? Age bracket?

Sound familiar?

In this episode of the Strategic Storytelling podcast, I have the answer: the clients backstory. 

What do they say when they come? What don’t they say?  

Most importantly, will they pay? And who’s picking up the tab?

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why your mentor probably won’t help you choose a niche
  • Why you shouldn’t be too quick to choose a niche
  • How to turn a backstory into a profitable niche
  • The most important qualities to look for when choosing a niche
  • Why your niche may not be ready to buy from you


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