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Does your story contribute to your strategy? Is your story a part of your brand?

You get all kinds of advice to "be sure your content includes a story."

The real question is, what is the purpose of your story? Will you motivate people to buy? Or are you telling the story to get people to like you more? Or do you want to build their trust, so they believe you'll solve their problem?

In this episode of the Strategic Storytelling podcast, you'll get three questions to ask about your story. The answers help you understand if you have a real business story. Are you adding value to your business strategy? Or are you adding more fluff?

For instance, Harry and Elaine are both money coaches. Harry is an Educator. Elaine is a role model. They're in the same field, but they'll have very different stories. They started with different brands. Their stories reinforce their branding. 

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