Show Notes

Calling yourself a "healer" brings special challenges in marketing. 

And in some ways, everyone is a healer. We all pay money to relieve our pain.

But when you call yourself a healer, people get confused. Just what do you do, anyway? You might be a reiki practitioner, EFT practitioner, a psychotherapist, a health coach...or just a "healer."  

But if you're a healer, how do you explain what you do? You may think everyone knows. But even if people think they understand, you've got a special twist. 

You also want to encourage people to choose YOU from your many competitors.

And the best way to achieve these objectives is to tell the right kind of story...the story that answers the questions nobody asks.

That’s what we’re exploring in this episode of the Strategic Storytelling podcast.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why every service-based business is (usually) run by a healer
  • Why you need to balance the conflict of running a business and healing people in pain
  • The. best ways to structure a story to explain what you do

Resources mentioned: 

The Strategic Intensive, my premier consultation offering.
 FT Websites, a low-cost course about designing websites for healers 
Personal branding with stories, a course for people concerned about bragging too much.
Find your client's backstory, a course about finding what your client's really worried about.


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