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You've probably heard that "your story must bring out emotion in your listeners."

And that's because you've also heard, "People buy on emotions." 

But is that always true? 

Lots of times people make buying decisions based on logic and rationality. They evaluate the offer coolly, based on their needs. 

The truth is, sometimes people make buying decisions without bringing emotion into the picture at all. Educator archetypes rarely tell emotional stories; they don't expect their clients to make decisions emotionally at all.

In this episode you will learn... 

..why the phrase "people buy on emotion" is only partly true ...when people buy on emotion (even if they know they need to be more rational)  

...how and when to use purely rational stories that bring forth no emotion at all 

...how a story can restore the balance between emotion and logic 

...the way you can use emotional appeals in stories 


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