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Your story's location may seem trivial or straightforward. 

"It's a beach story." 

"One day I was in my home office..."

"Mary went home to apartment 3701..."

Don't those locations bring a special vibe to your story? The story's location tells a lot about your characters and about you.

If Mary lives in apartment 3701, she'll seem different from someone living in apartment 301. 

She'll seem even more different from someone living on a farm.

If she lives in the middle of a city, her whole life will be vastly different from someone living in the suburbs, let alone in the country.

If you're working from a kitchen table you're very different from someone working from the patio of a large estate.

In this episode we touch briefly on the power of a story's location.   

Does your story's location fit your story archetype? What if you want to change the story's location? And why should you?  What are some mistakes people make when assigning a location to their story?

Listen here for the answers.


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