Show Notes

“I have many happy clients. How can I get them to share testimonials?"  

That’s what my reader asked me when I was looking for new applications for. telling stories.

It's a complaint I hear from other service business owners too. Let's face it: if you're a small, service-based business, you need credibility. Nobody wants to be your first client!

In this episode of the  Strategic Storytelling podcast, I share the reasons people don't leave good testimonials. It'll help you navigate the challenge more easily.  Let's face it: writing a good testimonial is almost as hard as writing about yourself. Nobody teaches you how. So how can yours be better?

In this episode you will learn...

  • What is a testimonial
  • Why your testimonials are about the clients, not about you
  • Why clients won't write testimonials
  • Two ways to teach your clients to write testimonials

Resources mentioned:

Link to my infographic on testimonials

Course: What is a selling story Course: Content for credibility

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