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Have you ever told a story -- a brilliant story! -- and your audience just looked at you blankly? They just didn't get it. Or they couldn't relate: they couldn't put themselves into the story. 

Stories succeed when people put themselves in the picture. They're in the airplane seat. They're in the room you're describing. They can feel the problem: their chest gets tight, their stomach hurts...it's real.

But here's the catch. It doesn't have to be a personal story. In fact, you can tell a personal story that leaves everyone cold.

In this video, I talk about 4 kinds of stories: personal and not relatable, relatable but not personal, not relatable and not personal...and last but not least: stories that are personal *and* relatable.

There's one archetype that gets away with stories that are neither personal nor relatable. And there's another archetype that tells personable, relatable stories. 

So before telling a story, ask yourself: Will my audience put themselves in this story? If they can't see themselves in the picture, your story will fail.

And if they can put themselves in the picture, you've got a winner, whether the story's personal or not. 

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